Jan 22

Shrine of Jesus and Mary
Coordination | Okasyon by Anton Sarcia
Photo | Michelle Pineda Pastoril
Band | Sound Salad
L&S | Crib Audio Systems
Stylist | Fullblooms Flower Shop by: Inah
Caterer | Crystal Dragon

Don’t you just love watching videos that show genuine emotions?
Those that aren’t rehearsed yet turned out to have the best impact with the audience?

Such is the case of Jim and Ivy.

What stood out were moments when the couple showed their vulnerable sides.
In fact, the hardest part was trying to choose parts that best captured their emotions because there were just too many of them to choose from.

Jim and Ivy, may this give you inspiration to always keep the fire burning in your marriage. What we saw was a love so sincere that no hurdles can get in its way.


Dec 28

We have seen it countless times…
People who are opposites found their match in each other.
How can we forget the movie “When Harry met Sally?”
Jack and Rose (Titanic);
There was even Ross and Rachel of Friends..
Even Filipinos have their share of Popoy and Basha, isn’t it?

I liked how their love story evolved. From just one like on facebook…
Then a pm
and a movie date.
Perfect scenario for a lasting love right?

Yanno and Kris may be poles apart but they blend well together.
You can see it.
From their smiles and gestures..
And how they looked at each other
You would know that there’s genuine affection and much respect between them.

May the simplicity of how you started be the foundation of an everlasting married life for the both of you. Keep the fire burning and our best wishes.

Jun 1

“You two bring out the best in each other.”

The message of Paige’s sister echoed through out the hall while everybody agreed in unison.

I liked how the celebration focused on the individuality of Paige and Steve and how they sparked when they’re together. After all, that’s how love should be…. Giving, trusting and inspiring…

We travelled across borders to film the couple’s wedding and the clips showed that it was “worth it.” Despite the cold weather, they willingly assented to our creative minds and did everything without complaints. Thus, what transpired was just sincere love for one another and respect…every step of the way.

To Paige and Steve, I hope that you wouldn’t forget this moment when all hearts and minds agreed that you two deserve to be together. Keep the fire burning and hope it lasts forever.

Our best wishes…

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