JOHN and ROMIE Same Day Edit

Do people still believe in Love at First sight? How about a photo on “Facebook” at first sight?

Their love story started overseas and is somewhat “digital.” For what could be more cuter than an attraction found in the most unexpected place, a thought that perhaps, ‘she could be the one’, A guy who has waited in vain… found it, nurtured it…kept it…and now, sealed in Caleruega Church.

To John and Romi, May your love story continue to grow and hopefully, inspire others to never lose hope in their journey of true love.

Best wishes….


Diamond Hotel
UST Church
La Castellana
Photography: Richie Macapinlac

Derrick said It was ‘love at first sight’… I’d say, it is love that is meant to last a life time.

You’ll hear it from their vows,
You can see it in their eyes…

It was, perhaps, one of the most heartfelt vows I’ve ever covered…A Testament that true love do exist and is unconditional…

We’re glad the couple liked how we presented their SDE. Their requests were specific and at the end of the day, we’re happy that we served it well.


ALBY & RYAN Same Day Edit // Chicago, Illinois, USA

Hilton Chicago
St. Benedict Church
Venue Six10
Photography: Michael Nguyen | Lazy Eight Photography
Wedding Planner: Lisa Jaroscak | Storybook Weddings and Events

They say that when two people are destined to be together…
That love will find a way to bring them together,
No matter how far the distance may be….
And how long the years have been apart …

For a couple who fought and found forever after 13 years…
May you always be reminded of your vows promised on this day …
and, of your love so true…
that no mountain or river…
and even continents…
may stand in the way of your great love for one another…

From Australia to Chicago, May your love story continue to have the sweetest moments that you both deserve…

Congratulations to you Alby and Ryan!

NIKKO and DANNE Same Day Edit

What are the odds of finding a partner that has a similar surname with you?

Such is the case of this Bernardo couple Nikko and Danne who almost didn’t consider getting together because of their unusual similarity. But as fate would have it, they later found out that they were not related and so, their love story began…

After a romantic proposal at a Temple in Kyoto, Japan early this year, the couple finally tied the knot this June. What you would see here are same day edit of how their love for one another captivated the hearts of their family and guests with their gestures of love and words of admiration for each other.

To Nikko and Danne, may your love be strengthened by your strong faith in God.

Best wishes.

AMANDA and JOHN Wedding // Philadelphia, USA

Photographer: John Barone Photography

The word “Forever’ is probably the most used word in weddings…for how can any word come close, when you talk about love that is pure and unconditional?

John and Amanda’s love story is a great example of Forever. A story which started out by just being neighbors… then friends; then eventually being lovers and finally, had sealed their commitment to one another by being husband and wife.

The instruction was simple – to shoot their wedding and capture each moment that would highlight not just theirs but also their family and friends wonderful moments too. That’s why what you would see here are shots of happy people and a couple whose unselfishness and love go beyond what we can capture on screen.

To John and Amanda, may your love be greater than what you thought could ever be possible. With you, there’s really great hope for a “Happily ever after…”

Best wishes.

ECHO and SHEL Same Day Edit

The Forest Barn Tagaytay
Coordination by Rachelle Bautista of Events By Rachelle: Event Coordinator & Host
Floral arrangement by Vergel Gordovin & Dins Bacani of Flowers Unlimited Tagaytay
Rustic theme catering services and styling by Towns Delight – The Caterer
HMUA by Ricky Caldeon & Makeup by Abby Guerrero
Photography by Myio Okamoto

Living a happy and contended life comes easy just by following these simple instructions:

Live every moment of your life with joy and gladness.
Laugh every day even in times of trial and adversities.
Love not just by words but also through action.
Repeat daily for the rest of your life.

Congratulations Echo and Shel! We hope that your married life will be filled with happiness and bliss. Just remember – Live, Laugh, Love, Repeat.

DAVID and EEYAH Same Day Edit

Ceremony: Kawayan Cove Nasugbu
Reception: Samsara Vacation House
Photography: Bryan Venancio Photography
Gown: Claiza Bihasa
Coordination: A Magical Event by Marj Dizon
Flowers: Flowers Unlimited Tagaytay

On a wonderful sunny day, over a cliff in majestic Kawayan Cove, where the sky, the sea and land seems to converge as one, David and Eeyah took their marriage vows and became husband and wife. The Park at Meditation Point was designed to bring people closer to God. It was a perfect place to celebrate holy matrimony where man and woman becomes one with God.

In a marriage there are always three parties: the husband, the wife and God. All three are needed for a happy and stable married life like a three-legged stool. David has put it aptly that “the most important reason that a man and a woman are to marry is to bring glory to God.

”Our earnest wish is for you to have a blessed married life and that you are true to your promise to become the best version of yourselves. Congratulations, David and Eeyah!

PAOLO and DEBBIE Same Day Edit

Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Mango Farm

A famous news anchor was asked what would be the first thing he would buy if he wins the historic USD 1.5 Billion Powerball jackpot that was drawn a few weeks ago. He promptly answered “A watch, so that I would be reminded of winning the jackpot every time I look at my watch.”

The couple has decided to give each other timepieces as their personal wedding gifts. Debbie aptly puts it in her note that the watch is her gratitude to Paolo for “giving her time.” Giving time is as precious as giving material gifts to express one’s love. Being there for one another to go through life’s journey, to spend life together until the end of time is love in its purest form.

Congratulations, Paolo and Debbie! We hope that every time you look at your watch you will be reminded of this memorable event. Or better yet, watch your wedding video over and over again.

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