BRYAN and MARILLE Same Day Edit

Summit Ridge Hotel
Transfiguration Chapel
Sonya’s Garden

Daily activities create habits that can last a lifetime. The priest’s prescription for a happy married life? Daily dose of good memories. A good memory each day will not only create a lifetime of happiness but can also be the perfect foundation for building a family. Bryan and Marille are lucky to have a good head start. The days ahead may not always be blissful, especially when differences kick in. But nothing fortifies the human heart than loving even more despite the odds. And with the fond memories they have created on their wedding day, they sure have a good supply to last a long time.

Congratulations, Bryan and Marille! Don’t forget to take your vitamins.

ANDREW and JENNIE Same Day Edit

Vivere Hotel
St. James the Great Parish
Photographer: Anthony Co

Objects may appear closer when viewed through a rear view mirror. Things are smaller when viewed from above. Very small things become visible under a microscope. Extremely distant objects appear closer with a telescope. Some things may look different under lenses but there are things that remain the same, bar any special effects. Just like the joy of Andrew and Jennie on their wedding day. No split screen could separate them. They knew that they have to walk down the aisle separately but what is more important is that they came out together, hand in hand. The sparkle in their eyes when they look at each other is no camera trick.

Andrew and Jennie, congratulations! Best wishes on your journey to forever.

MARIA & CHRISTIAN Wedding // Dos Pueblos Ranch, Santa Barbara, CA

Love is the shortest distance between hearts. Proven before, proven now with Christian and Maria. They started out as friends but their love was strengthened when email love letters flew from Afghanistan to the US, and back. Boundaries faded since then. While physically apart, Christian and Maria got to know each other better and have grown to love each other’s company. They survived being miles apart. Now that they are together, they are simply inseparable.

So it is no surprise that Maria and Christian celebrated their wedding day with a fitting tribute to their modern love letter writing with a touch of vintage that transported their guests back in time. Theirs is a love that would never be outdated, only growing till the end of time.

Congratulations, Christian and Maria! We wish you a world of blessings!

P. S. I may have been filming several weddings in the US and have grown accustomed to flying my aerial camera overseas. But this particular shoot would not be spectacular if not for the help of Christina, a former client turned friend (California wedding in 2012).   Thank you, Christina, for your valuable assistance.

And special thanks to my best friend, Regin and Michelle Sarrosa. Pareng Regin and best,  your hospitality and generous company is immeasurable. Thank you very much!

JESY and ARRA Same Day Edit

Photographer: Bobby delos Santos//MavAsia Photography
Ceremony and Reception: Fernbrook Gardens

Heard somewhere: “A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he was born and raised in the arms of a queen.

”True story: Jesy and Arra must be of royal lineage. For what could explain the fitting tribute they gave to their parents out of their joys at finding each other? They definitely know how to look back in order to move forward. They have decided to start their journey by being grateful to each other’s parents. Weddings often come with cautionary tales of dealing with in-laws. Not for these two. They thanked their parents for raising vow-worthy partners for life. After all, true love is something children learn at home.

Congratulations, Jesy and Arra!


LLOYD and SHERYLL Same Day Edit // Oak Glen California

Holiday Inn Hotel
Serendipity Garden, Oak Glen CA
Coordinator: Thelma Beltran//The Wedding Bliss

Earth and sky always meet eye-to-eye in this side of the world. Stars and mere mortals couldn’t help but collide in California. This May, we witness the wedding of Lloyd and Sheryll in Hollywood, stars in their own rights. Aside from the breathtaking landscape, we get a glimpse of how these newlyweds will endure their marital journey. Just like their wedding day, they will traverse marital bliss prepared for all the details. Most of all, they will be by each other’s side, hand in hand, whether they are dealing with the waves or on top of the hill.

Congratulations, Lloyd and Sheryll!


JAMES and JOANNE Same Day Edit

Photographer: Redfox Photography
Coordination: Perfect Moments
Preparation: Taal Vista
Church: Transfiguration Chapel
Reception: Taal Vista

It has been said that there’s a reason for every heart break. That reason could be to lead you to the one who is really meant for you, to your destiny. Just as there is a reason for every unsuccessful plan. That reason could be to lead you to a reality of your dreams. Our radiant bride, Joanne, has said that she now understands how every choice in life led her to the man who deserves to be her husband. James, our charming groom, has promised an even better life, a better version of the reality they have both dreamed of.

James and Joanne are both based in Canada and have chosen to get married here in the Philippines. We are truly grateful for the trust. Couples like you makes our works  as a wedding filmmaker  fun and fulfilling. Cheers to your journey!

Congratulations, James and Joanne!


JOHN and MARIBEL Same Day Edit

Photographer:Francis Baluyot
Makeup Artist: Mariah Camaya Santos
Preparation: Summit Ridge
Church: Transfiguration Chapel
Reception: Hill Creek

Loving from a distance is not for the fearful, not for the faint-hearted. For John and Maribel, whose love persevered over physical distance, there is no reason to fear. Not now, not ever. Their hearts are now tied to each other, traveling where one goes, staying where one calls home. After years of sacrifice being apart, their prize is being together forever. If they survived the distance, they will surely thrive in the closeness.

Congratulations, John and Maribel! Cheers to lasting togetherness!

MJ and Ma’Anne Same Day Edit

HMUA: CJ Jimenez
Photographer: Lucky Cruz
Coordinator: Rhed Sarmiento

A woman may forget how many steps it took her from the bridal car to the altar, but never how it made her feel beautiful and complete.

A groom may forget how many hands he shook that day when his vows were declared, but never how it made him feel strong and loved.

Over the years, they may forget how long they have waited before they tied the knot, but not how much it was well worth it. MJ said, “Nandito na tayo.” They have indeed arrived. Their past has helped them reach their future, where they will be spending the rest of their forever.

Congratulations, MJ and Ma’anne!


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