JEFF and ANGIE Same Day Edit

“Though  one  may  be  overpowered,  two  can  defend themselves.  A cord  of  three strands is not quickly broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:12

That line is Jeff’s and Angie’s special verse. Not only do they have a special Biblical verse but they also have a logo which you will find at the end of the SDE I am sharing with you. Quite obviously, this is a couple who knows exactly how they want things done for them. The song I have used for their SDE is their special request. They have personalized every wedding detail and saved their unique and special experience for the altar – their first kiss.

As a wedding filmmaker, I value and love my couples’ inputs. In this particular case, Jeff and Angie truly owned their moment.

Congratulations, Jeff and Angie!


DEX & JOAN Same Day Edit

Magical and enchanting.  A fitting description for a fairy tale. But for Dexter and Joan, it is their real love story. They have chosen Valentine’s Day to be their wedding day. They have chosen Baguio as their wedding destination. They were married at a bountiful time for flowers to spring its beauty. The wedding scenes could have taken a leaf from a fairy tale except that it was better. The love and characters were for real.

And so it goes that they lived happily ever after. Congratulations and best wishes, Dex and Joan!


JOK and KRING Same Day Edit

From incomplete to complete. From two to one.

That’s the distance travelled by destiny to be in Jok’s and Kring’s lives. What a welcome sight these two lovebirds make on this month of hearts. The vows accompanied by wide smiles and joyful tears, and the knowing glances exchanged during their wedding day can rival any heart-tugging romance movie there is. But the plus for Jok and Kring is that they are doing it for real love.

From single to married. No complicated statuses. Just made for each other.


To get married is to take the plunge. Also, to get hitched. To say I do.  Almost always, getting married is to tie the knot, to walk down the aisle. It is also to settle down, to take one’s vows. As a Filipino wedding videographer, I’m very familiar with the line, “lumalagay sa tahimik.” These are just some of the more familiar idiomatic expressions about getting married. Usually, these expressions come right after one pops the question or asks for someone’s hand in marriage. There are truly many ways we can talk about getting married. Some express caution, others are descriptive of what is to come.

But simply, to Raymond and Desiree, they were just ready for anything. Being Mr. and Ms. Right for each other, they are both happy and determined to take on forever.

Congratulations, Raymond and Desiree!

KIRBY and MAINA Same Day Edit

Smiling seems to be hard when there are a thousand thoughts racing through your mind. But at weddings, smiling is the only preoccupation worthy of becoming a way of life. Kirby and Maina never ran out of smiles on their wedding day. As any other couple surrounded by people they love and who love them back, there isn’t any reason why they should not be smiling. We can tell by their smiles that they might have broken their happiness meters that day.

We hope your every day be as bright and as joyful as your wedding day. Congratulations, Kirby and Maina!

GABE and MEL Same Day Edit

The cool breeze of Tagaytay will undoubtedly carry their vows as a shoutout to the world. Well yes, here comes Team Gabe and Mel! With solid ground beneath their feet, they fearlessly expressed their commitment to each other. The words of love and devotion were loud and clear. And after the exchange of their heartfelt vows, a new husband and wife team is born. In their happy-ever-after, I am sure that they will stay beside each other all the time, for all times.

Congratulations, Gabe and Mel! Best wishes!

NICO and CATHY Same Day Edit

A wedding is a show of many kinds of love. There’s love between and within families. There’s the kind of love that friends have among each other that makes them show up wherever and whenever the bride and groom request them to do so. There’s also love for one’s church that prods us to seek its blessing. And of course, there’s the love between the couple. The kind of love that leads to commitment and permanency, the love that brings them to marriage.

But in marriage, there is only one love –the love between husband and wife. In this case, Nico’s and Cathy’s love for each other. Here, we witness the first in their forever. And as witnesses, we share their happiness and bid them a wonderful journey together.

Congratulations and best wishes, Nico and Cathy!

MEL and ANNE Same Day Edit // Baguio City

No less than Time magazine’s 2013 Person of the Year, Pope Francis, has said, “In societies that trumpet individual rights, see everything as fleeting and see no value in sticking to something that’s difficult, deciding to get married today takes courage.”

Indeed, as in every wedding, Anne and Mel are the bravest for taking the plunge, for pledging forever without guarantees, for dealing with the unknown that is yet to come. But true love can say ‘forever.’ And as we have been told, true love really roars.

Congratulations, Mel and Anne! Best wishes to your forever!


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