No mathematical equation can explain the chemistry and physics of love between two people. And yet, that love has united many hearts as proven in time. The latest to date are Nelson and Lorraine. Despite being sweet towards each other, they can’t help but express how fiercely they would fight for their love. Through rain or sunshine, this couple knows that they’ll be there for each other. And for now, that is all the answer they need.

Aerial Cinematography Demo Reel 2014

Aerial videography in weddings is here to stay. More couples trust this technology.There are more suppliers offering it, too. As they say, more players, merrier field. But as early as when I was starting out this venture till now, safety has always been a priority. Safety of my clients. Safety of my aerial camera. And most of all, safety of my creativity.

In aerial videography, there is honesty. Up in the horizon, no one can tweak the light.No one can rearrange the clouds or to tell the sun to shine brighter. The waves of the sea will kiss the shoreline when it wants to. And the trees will keep swaying to an unheard-of-beat. What the aerial camera captures is the truth of the moment. And in all of my professional experience, I believe that it is something that must be guarded with safety practices. You can be assured that my wedding team practices what we preach.

Allow me to share a compilation of aerial footages shot here and abroad, of weddings and prenups, of promises and dreams. This is proof that when our cameras go up,they do come down safely on the ground, carrying your prized moments.

ALFREDO & LEILANI // Maui Hawaii

Mid-year. Yes, it is middle of the year already. Recently, I found myself in the midstof paradise  – Hawaii.   It  feels like the midpoint of the sea,  sky,  and earth.  Mostimportantly, work brought me there. As I expected, the scenic landscape of the placetook my breath away. But equally wonderful was the ceremony I got to witness withmy lens.

There was unmistakeable unity. Oneness that goes beyond Alfredo and Leilani andtheir loved ones. Oneness that involved the universe. The blowing of the conch shellserved to summon the loving energy of all creations into that one moment. You couldimagine the universe in harmony with the vows being shared by the newly weds. Inthere, the sky is literally the limit.

Congratulations, Leilani & Alfredo!


Top of the world feeling. Top of the hill wedding.

They wanted to have an Easter wedding and they had it. It is a church setup that is especially granted.  They have been and are blessed to have their wedding as they have wished it to be and most of all,  to be with each other, for all  their lifetimes combined. Clearly, Jason and Nina know how to work to get what they want – an essential skill that they would need as they build the family of their dreams.

Congratulations, Jason and Nina! Cheers to all realized dreams!


“Though  one  may  be  overpowered,  two  can  defend themselves.  A cord  of  three strands is not quickly broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:12

That line is Jeff’s and Angie’s special verse. Not only do they have a special Biblical verse but they also have a logo which you will find at the end of the SDE I am sharing with you. Quite obviously, this is a couple who knows exactly how they want things done for them. The song I have used for their SDE is their special request. They have personalized every wedding detail and saved their unique and special experience for the altar – their first kiss.

As a wedding filmmaker, I value and love my couples’ inputs. In this particular case, Jeff and Angie truly owned their moment.

Congratulations, Jeff and Angie!



Magical and enchanting.  A fitting description for a fairy tale. But for Dexter and Joan, it is their real love story. They have chosen Valentine’s Day to be their wedding day. They have chosen Baguio as their wedding destination. They were married at a bountiful time for flowers to spring its beauty. The wedding scenes could have taken a leaf from a fairy tale except that it was better. The love and characters were for real.

And so it goes that they lived happily ever after. Congratulations and best wishes, Dex and Joan!



From incomplete to complete. From two to one.

That’s the distance travelled by destiny to be in Jok’s and Kring’s lives. What a welcome sight these two lovebirds make on this month of hearts. The vows accompanied by wide smiles and joyful tears, and the knowing glances exchanged during their wedding day can rival any heart-tugging romance movie there is. But the plus for Jok and Kring is that they are doing it for real love.

From single to married. No complicated statuses. Just made for each other.


To get married is to take the plunge. Also, to get hitched. To say I do.  Almost always, getting married is to tie the knot, to walk down the aisle. It is also to settle down, to take one’s vows. As a Filipino wedding videographer, I’m very familiar with the line, “lumalagay sa tahimik.” These are just some of the more familiar idiomatic expressions about getting married. Usually, these expressions come right after one pops the question or asks for someone’s hand in marriage. There are truly many ways we can talk about getting married. Some express caution, others are descriptive of what is to come.

But simply, to Raymond and Desiree, they were just ready for anything. Being Mr. and Ms. Right for each other, they are both happy and determined to take on forever.

Congratulations, Raymond and Desiree!

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