Carl and Sheila

Carl & Sheila’s wedding solemnized at Casa Espanol last June 7, 2008

What made this particular event special for me personally was the couple’s preference and trust for  A.G.Garza Video Production to capture their wedding. Both Carl and Sheila are knowledgeable in the field of editing (Carl is the head of graphics for the creative department of solar entertainment while Sheila is the creative director of 2nd avenue also under solar) that’s why I knew right from the start how meticulous they can be with videos and shoots like these. And for us to be given the opportunity to provide them with this onsite video is another feather on my cap… And a great honor, I must say.

To Carl & Sheila, Best wishes from all of us here at A.G.Garza Video Production.

Watch it here.

3 Responses

  1. sheila Says:

    Hi Garry! Once again, I’m thanking you for the wonderful and heartfelt onsite AVP. Everybody’s been talking about it. You have definitely exceeded our expectation. If I could get married again, I’d still get you as my videographer. More power to you and your staff. You guys rock! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. garry Says:

    Thanks Sheila for the compliments,we enjoy documenting your wedding.Salamat! Salamat! Salamat!

  3. Your Name vivian Says:

    “Hanep! Matindi! ” These are some of the comments my co-faculty from Fine Arts and Advertising said when they saw Carl and Sheila’s video, Other things they said about it, which were all too technical for me, were all praises for your work. Thank you very much to you Gary and your team of course. Now it can be said, you guys are truly PROFESSIONALS !!!! 🙂


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