A.G. Garza

Jigs and Lyneth

Jigs and Lyneth

Solemnized at Santuario de San Jose, Green Hills, San Juan, April 20, 2008

Jigs & Lyneth Onsite Video by Garry Garza

3 Responses to “Jigs and Lyneth”

  1. Lyneth says:

    We will be forever grateful for the amazing onsite video you did for us! You made our wedding truly memorable. You have captured all the moments that expressed all the beautiful emotions in a wedding especially ours! You were one of my favorite supplier! Thanks to you and your team, ang bait nyo lahat!

  2. marilen says:

    Hi mr. garza. i’ve been a fan of your youtube videos. glad i found your website..

    this onsite video is one for the books. nice song which complimented the serenity of the event. It’s so nice to see videographers which generously captures wedding moments as sincerely as your team did, in this particular onsite.

    keep up the good work. and best of luck…

  3. garry says:

    Hahaha, thanks Lyneth! we had a great time shooting your onsite video! :)

    Thanks for dropping by marilen.:)


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