A.G. Garza

David & Geraldine Same Day Edit

December 7, 2008
Transfiguration Chapel
Photography: Mango Red

Harmonious Weather. . .
Angelic Sunset. . .
Immaculate Wedding. . .

This one’s for the books!!!

4 Responses to “David & Geraldine Same Day Edit”

  1. Dave and Ghe says:

    Thanks Garry and the Team for the wonderful coverage.. every detail was captured beautifully.

    Thanks and more power!!

  2. Shirley says:

    Of all your SDEs, this is the one I like best … from the music, nostalgia, kind of shots and texture, to the build up of the scenes leading to wedding highlights – everything is well thought of and masterfully executed. How you guys worked hard to continuously improve your craft is very much evident in this clip. Congrats to the team and the lovely couple!

  3. Congrats to gary and the entire team! Great coverage; this SDE definitely pulled tears from the guests. As a witness to this wedding and to their coverage, I’m really proud to say I’m hats off to this team! As for the couple dave and ghe… this is a great video also because of your full cooperation and because of the true love you’ve shared and shown. It’s really great working with all of you. CONGRATS!

  4. garry says:

    Thank you guys for your wonderful comments!

    Hi Dave & Ghe, its our great pleasure to be part of your wedding.


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