Christian & Gretchen Same Day Edit

January 10, 2009
St. Jerome Church
Bellevue Hotel
Photographer: AMG Photography

Night before their wedding, Gretchen sent me an email regarding what she wants in their SDE.

Hi gary…anyway here’s what we would like for our sde on jan 10 at st jerome church and bellevue hotel…
– song: we belong together by gavin degraw
– no talk on wedding vows…just pure music
– more shots in the church than in the preparation inside the room
– no super close up…if ever make it black and white
– include bride and groom’s parents
– we want creative, cinematic, dramatic shots (no boring shots please )
– mostly candid shots…not rehearsed shots
– check out jason magbanua’s ted and nina camacho on site video
– really dramatic and multiple shots on the entrance of the bride in the church
i hope you can relay this to your editor since you won’t be there…thanks gary! hope you could give us a really good sde…

An A.G.Garza Video for AMG Photography

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