A.G. Garza

Tuts & Jane Same Day Edit

Preps: Sofitel Philippine Plaza
Ceremony & Reception: 1 Esplanade
Photo: Redfox Photography
Coordinator: Classic Unlimited

Just a week before their wedding, I met up with Tuts and Jane to discuss other essential details of their grand day. Then i found out their plan to use a Hummer H3 for their bridal car. So i requested my father who is my gadget builder to construct and design me a camera car mount to enable me to shoot the road trip heading to the wedding venue because i know that a Hummer H3 is rarely used as a bridal car.

To Tuts and Jane, Thank you for your trust and congratulations!

Sorry for the delay, I’m having a hard time uploading and synchronizing the audio in vimeo, luckily not in XR.

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