A.G. Garza

Ronald & Iris Same Day Edit

Christ the King
Glass Garden
Photo: Redfox Photography

For every SDE, we as much as possible make sure to avert using  the same wedding song twice for a different set of couple so that there will always be a demur for every project that we do. But then, if a particular couple requests for the same song that has been used already, we just comply.

And for this particular same day edit for newlyweds Ronald and Iris, we happen to use the same song we once used back then two years ago for a different couple.

The song’s title was “Lovely” by Michelle Tumes which was one of the most commonly used song for same day edit so we were surprised that it was again requested after two years; we do hope we were able to give justice to the song.

It rained for the whole day’s shoot so for this same day edit, there are no time lapses and outside pictorials.

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