A.G. Garza

Jos & Jhunne Same Day Edit

Santuario de San Antonio
Makati Shangrila
Photo: Redfox Photography, Atty. Raymond Fortun

Two different nationality. . .

Two sets of photographers. . .

One perfect wedding. . .

-Pictorial is limited because of the harsh weather-

6 Responses to “Jos & Jhunne Same Day Edit”

  1. faye young says:

    this is the most wonderful wedding i’ve ever seen…..so lovely video…jhunne and yos, you’re the best!!!!

  2. garry says:

    Thank you Faye for droping by…

    Till next time!

  3. Mrs. Moors says:

    This onsite video made us & a lot of people cry. The elements….the details…the moments…the laughter & tears captured…the memory…everything was captured & collated magnificently. All our friends here in Europe were elated after seeing the vid. It was exactly how we wanted it to be…or should I say even beyond expectations! And guess what…no matter how harsh the weather was…regardless of some unavoidable circumstances, Jos and I will never change any detail of our wedding because we were filled with joy and contentment that we will forever treasure in our hearts and we are so grateful to you and your team for a big contribution to its success. You did a wonderful job and no amount of words could ever express how grateful we are to you. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! You hit the bullseye! KUDOS!

  4. faye young says:

    the best!!!! gary is the best!!! wonderful amazing works!! kudos partner!!!-faye young

  5. faye young says:

    watch this twice..it made me cry again….oh dear!!! the kissing part, that’s when my tears starts to fall…so lovely…!!!!

  6. alexander catli says:

    i’ve watch this over and over…and its sooo wonderful.. im proud to be part of this family even in a short period of time…..i would like to say “THANK YOU”..and GOODLUCK to your new LIFE!!!….GOD BLESS BOTH OF YOU!!!

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