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BOBBY & AGNES Same Day Edit

Santuario de San Jose
Wack Wack
Photo: Redfox Photography
MUA: Faye Young, Fanny Serrano

Bobby is one of our good friends in the wedding industry and he owns Redfox Photography together with his brother Derek.

We first collaborated in a wedding of one of our client Jigs and Lyneth way back. They did the photo and video while my team was commissioned for the same-day-edit video.

I can still clearly remember how Bobby made fun of us saying, “Why are you so many when you will only do same-day-edit?”

But however, after that, we became good friends and they referred us to their other clients so I made a promise to him that if ever he gets married, I will be the one to shoot for the same-day-edit video for his wedding.

So, here’s the video and by the way, for this wedding Bobby even made me one of his groomsmen so after I marched down the aisle, I got my video camera and shoot the rest of the ceremony especially the bridal march of her wife Agnes.

To Bob and Agnes, Congrats Guys!

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