Allen & Marilyn || Brunei Darussalam

Preps: Allen & Marilyn’s House
Church: St. Andrews Church
Reception: Grand Hall, Empire Hotel
Photographer: Leonard Lee

2009 was indeed a spectacular year for us. This one is a milestone. All our dedication and hard work paved, winning an international competition sum it all. But most of all, the inspiration that boost me came from our clients, like this of Allen & Marilyn. A good start. This is a video work out from our country… Its at Brunei!

This wedding is really bound for us. We almost lost this Brunei shoot because we have expressed to the couple that my team and I have bookings on the 7th and on the 10th, theirs is on the 9th! Believing in our commitment, they have trusted us. So there we go! International!

A kingly experience for us,we were accommodated at a 7-star hotel, the Empire Hotel! Fab! So in return, we did not failed them, scheduled was so tight ,hour by hour really was gold, there goes my work… Sad thing about this is that I have to board the plane and leave some of my team members and be back here to shoot another wedding(Norman & Marie Wedding), It was sad, I was not there on the time of unveiling, but all of those disappeared for the presentation of the SDE was applauded! My heart was at its biggest, almost in tears of joy for Marilyn messaged me with these lines“Thank you so much for the fantastic work! Everyone was blown away, I hope you get new clients.”

On the other hand, our sincerest thanks to you Allen & Marilyn, for your heartwarming accommodation to us, for giving us this break and believing in us. The year is still young,just beginning… We look forward to grew more in our craft and with couple getting married believing in us. Surely, there would be more of these…

Congrats Allen & Marilyn! Hope to see you again!

Their SDE

Their Photo Montage

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