Hyatt Hotel
Central Methodist Church
Wack Wack
Photo: Redfox Photography

“May you have Joy which cannot be quenched”…. this maybe the words which i can only say to this two special couple, Joel and Christine.

A perfect match whom are both into medical practice. Since day one, we have been discussing on what type of music material that will be using for their SDE.

Well, though I have rules no same song on two segments of my work,,,,  And on my blog, i assure our clients that i always make it a point to come up with new materials.

After a long brainstorming and consultations with the couple they have decided the song by Mandy Moore “Only  Hope” but the version whom they choose sung by switchfoot.  Good that my team were able to execute the shoot at its best and have met the couples expectations.

Thanks Dr. Joel & Dr. Christine for picking us. Congrats!

2 Responses

  1. christine Says:

    i cried when you played this video on our reception, don’t worry they were tears of JOY!!! did you get to video the whole dance?
    you’re the best =)

  2. karl Says:

    nice work garry…
    i’m joel and tina’s friend… you might have earned a new client ;p

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