A.G. Garza

AUDRIC & IDA Same Day Edit

Fernbrook Gardens
Photo: Joey Boquiren, RAW
Coordination: Just like Ours
HMUA: Eddie Bruan

What I like about my team is our ability to work under pressure. Such was in the case of this wedding of Audric & Ida on Fernbrook Gardens.

We were informed by Queen that the first dance of the couple will be performed in the middle of the program and not during the first part of the reception,which was the tradition on weddings. As such, they said, it was okay not to include it on their same day edit video due to time consideration. But I insisted it even if we only have 25 mins to prepare for it.

I said it over and over again, what’s great about us is that we deliver. We don’t compromise just so the work load will be easier for us. besides, how can we not include the first dance of this couple done with so much grace and compassion that we have to make it part of the highlights of the affair.

Thanks to the wonder of our new editing machine ,the work is done on time, just as we promised.

To you Audric and Ida, Our best wishes!!!

3 Responses to “AUDRIC & IDA Same Day Edit”

  1. Ida Agbay-Olivar says:

    Thank you so much Garry! You and your team are the best! Asteeg talaga! Sobrang bilib na bilib ang lahat ng guest! To all other couples looking for the best wedding videographer, si Garry na yun! Super highly recommended! Galing!

  2. garry says:

    Thanks Ida and Audric!

  3. ryan says:

    how do you guys do your aerial shots? Looks cool!

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