A.G. Garza

Dr. Lawrence and Dra. Marian SDE

Manor Hotel, Baguio City
St. Joseph the Worker Parish
Photo: Bobby de los Santos(Redfox Photography)

To have and to hold, for richer or for poorer,until death do us part…

Those who knew the love story of? Dr. Lawrence and Dra. Marian will probably say that those lines fit the couple to a tee.They have been through a lot and the blessings of the church was something they both wanted after years of struggling with their 2 kids who were born prematurely.

Their love was tested early on but it didn’t stop them from loving each other. I hope you can find inspiration in their undying love and commitment for one another. And hopefully, just like in a fairytale, Dr. Lawrence and Dra. Marian will live happily ever after…
Here’s? their love story written by Dr. Lawrence

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