A.G. Garza

Dean & Dame Same Day Edit

Manor Hotel
Camp John Hay Amphi Theater
Highpoint Boutique, Camp 7
Coordination: Kathleen Santiago

Happy new year!!!

Sorry for not actively updating my blog. As you know the month of  December is the busiest month for us wedding suppliers.

But now AGGARZA wedding films is done shooting weddings for 2010. Our last wedding was done in Baguio City. I wanted to end this year with a blast and our last wedding was impeccable for it.

Dame contacted me just a few weeks before her big day and pick us to document their wedding. She knew exactly what she wanted, a killer Same Day Edit (SDE) to dazzle their guests and luckily, we delivered.

The hugs and kisses Dame gave me right after the SDE was shown were just the perfect way to walk away from our last wedding of the year.

To Dean and Dame, thank you so much for picking us to film your wedding. Congrats!!!

PS: ¬†I’m now starting to post our recent works but not in particular order. Stay tuned!:)

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