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Neil & Chynna Same Day Edit

Taal Vista
Our Lady of  Lourdes
Photo: Richie Macapinlac

Astig (English: tough; cool) and angas (English: pride; boastfulness) are just some of the words that can describe the day. Angas is even a part of the bride’s wedding vows. Though she coolly declared she wouldn’t cry in her wedding, she was caught several times trying to stifle her tears. But if there’s one thing that Chynna, the lovely bride, can gallantly do, that is to surprise her Super Boy Neil. Chynna’s wedding gift was nothing but a handsome eight-string guitar in its shiny and sleek form. Not even the super hero in her life could escape being moved by the thoughtfulness.

For once in her life, Chynna had called him, “Sir.” Neil is a De La Salle University professor and they first crossed paths when she was still a student. But the courtship never started till after her graduation. And so now that they have promised to keep playing the music in their lives (with the help of an eight-string guitar, of course), we can only say one thing: “Astig nyo!”

Best wishes!

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