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JADE & MEANN Same Day Edit

Linden Suites
Our Lady of  Consolacion Parish
Capitol Hills

The groom, Jade, hails from a family with a penchant for naming their children after precious stones. But Jade is one of the lucky ones who has found his gem in this lifetime. For now, there’s really nothing more precious in his eyes than his wife, Meann. Proof of this is their lingering kiss to seal their vows of love and commitment.

We almost missed witnessing this heart-warming event. When Pearl, Jade’s sister, approached yours truly to cover this event, I already have a prior booking. That unless my superhero powers work, there is no way I could be shooting at two events at the same time. But I have a diamond in the rough, an ace in my sleeve. I recommended my second team. You see, my second team has the potential for greatness. You just got to see them at work to believe. Thank heavens, Jade and Meann accepted my offer to entrust their wedding to my second team.

To my second team, thank you for proving that you can really rock big time!
Best wishes, Jade and Meann!

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