A.G. Garza

JERRY & KAREN SDE // Aerial Wedding Videography

Taal Vista
Photo:  Alvin Guevara, Chito Cleofas
OTD: Christine Ong-Te
Aerial Videography: Aero Eye Asia

That day, everything was going well. The groom was a picture of a debonair gentleman. The bride was a radiant princess. It was a day with enough brightness and the right kind of breeze. Now, if only we could have a bird’s eye view of this perfect occasion.

And yes, we did! Watch how we flew high as a bird and recorded what was happening underneath, all with the help of a remote-controlled helicopter. It was pretty much taking a leaf from a Hollywood movie.

Jerry and Karen were surely feeling on top of the world on their wedding day. We just complimented that with a view of their perfect moment. So when you think you want aerial shots for your own, you know whom to call.

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