A.G. Garza


Asturias Hotel
Immaculate Conception Parish,Puerto Princesa

As luck would have it, our lenses brought us to the city of Puerto Princesa in Palawan. Or as we would like to simply call it, “Paradise.” Even if it took us 306 nautical miles away from Manila, it was worth it because it’s a true haven for the senses. Legend has it that the name of Puerto Princesa was from a princess-like maiden who have been said to roam around the place on certain nights.

We saw no princess. But we know who felt like a queen that day. We give it up to our lovely bride, Irene. When it comes to making hearts swoon, the man of the hour is definitely the groom, Vince. Even if they were not able to hold back their tears, the newlyweds let the romance fill the air. They have chosen to seal their vows in the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, which is a tourist destination in itself. It stands out for its outstanding architecture, with majestic spires reaching to the heavens. It is a place of worship made to last several decades. With the outpouring of blessings that day, we pray for an equally lasting marriage.

Congratulations, Vince and Irene!



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