A.G. Garza


Hyatt Hotel
San Agustin Church
SAC Inner Courtyard

Never, ever underestimate the power of a request. For all you know, it might be granted. This has been true when our bride, Dannica, was informed that their church of choice would not allow them to recite their personal vows. So Dannica appealed to the officiating priest of San Agustin Church. As this SDE stands proof, Dannica’s request was granted. And I guess they have every reason to fight for it – their vows deserved to be heard by the world.

But there is one other request by Dannica and Michael, an Australian national, which yours truly was not able to refuse. How can I? They were the first couple who booked a High Definition (HD) package from us. It was a simple request, really. And couples that have worked with me know that I am not stingy that way.  So they got this song that kind of describes this couple, spontaneous and in love, Marry You by Bruno Mars.

Talk about people who know what they want in life. We wish you, Michael and Dannica, all the best!



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