DARYL & BEVERLY Save the Date

Times have greatly changed in the wedding landscape. With prenuptial shoots gaining impressive popularity, grooms and brides are more collaborative, if not downright creative, in expressing themselves. Take for example this lovely couple, all the way from Brunei Darussalam, Daryl and Beverly. Got to know them through a former client, Allen and Marilyn, who also wed in the rich oil-state.

When Beverly invited me to shoot their save-the-date video, it was a unique setting. The shoot was within the couple’s photo shoot for their pre nuptial photos.  This save-the-date video, which will show three setups, was shot here in Manila.  They wanted a ‘natural’ feel to their video, hence the 2-in-1 shoot. Seeing them relaxed and without being conscious in front of the many lights and lenses before them, you’d think they had been doing this for long.  Making this video makes me look forward to their wedding in Brunei.

Charming and colorful? Check!
Sexy? Oh yes!
Timeless? Definitely!
Worth remembering? 17.09.11


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