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Even seasoned (ahem :)) wedding filmmakers like yours truly can still marvel at how unpredictable a wedding can turn out to be. It so happened that the priest in our couple’s wedding forgot to give way for the personalized vows of the couple. It was supposed to be Viel’s surprise to his bride. But in rare circumstances like this, there will always be a hero – the one who will save the day. In this case, that would be the groom. Yes, Viel more than made up for the missed declaration of his vows. He was able to tell the world, eventually. Even more so, it was heartwarming that he was assisted by his radiant bride, Angeline.

I always tell my soon-to-be-wed couples that making and saying their personal vows do enhance the emotions of the SDE video. I still believe that this is true. But seeing how things turned out for Viel and Angeline, I may say that there are simply things that you can’t predict and it is all up to the persons involved how they would want it to affect them. As they say, there are no perfect weddings or marriages. Only people loving each other perfectly.

I think Viel garnered thousands of pogi points that day, being the gentleman that he is. Congratulations and best wishes Angeline and Viel!


Viel’s promises…

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