A.G. Garza


Walang personalan, trabaho lang. We often hear that. But this time, I say, this is personal.

Karl and Tere are special people not only to me, but to my wife as well. These respected doctors recently tied the knot at the VMMC Ecumenical Church. As a personal commitment to my friends, I made every arrangement possible to ensure that their SDE will be top notch despite my absence in the coverage. During the ceremony, the priest forgot about the vows. Through no fault of their own, the couple was not able to recite their personal vows. Though no one would hear what those vows could be like, there is so much evidence that Karl and Tere have their hearts and minds in one direction – towards their lasting union. And if their dance steps were any indication, then you’d know that they sway to the same music. I didn’t know that you two know how to dougie! I guess Doc, from now on, dancing could be part of my prescription. But I understand that clinic resumes after the honeymoon.

Congratulations! May your journey together be filled with much love and laughter. More power to both of you!


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