A.G. Garza

ERL and MAU Wedding with UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle)

Having a person to make you laugh and cry for the right reasons is what Erl and Mau are to each other. Their love storywas made special by their individualities, strengthened by their differences, and perfected by friendship. Here are two friends,  travel buddies, security blanket, and comic relief to each other. Watch their kilig proposal here.

They have been blessed with a cooperative weather on their wedding day. With my aerial vehicle hovering the ceremony grounds, you’d get to appreciate all the possible angles of that blissful day. I only have one word for their wedding vows – soulful. Cheesy as it may sound, but their words pierced me right where it is feels most touching. And I guess I shared the same feelings with all the guests, judging by their reactions. Am sharing their SDE here.

So we can all feel the love. Congratulations and best wishes, Erl and Mau!

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