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HENRY and CHERIE Same Day Edit with UAV

What’s the temperature today, you say? I forgot how hot it was when we shot the footages for Henry and Cherie’s wedding. It was cool, I mean, perfect. Perfect moments are made of these – bright sun, relaxing breeze, clear sky, and even a calm sea. And completing the equation is our happy couple.

Henry and Cherie were the epitome of coolness, especially with their sunshiny attitude. How did they stay that way, despite the heat and the mixed emotions that usually preoccupy the bride and groom? They just kept smiling! I guess that’s one effective way to beat the summer heat. Thanks to both of you, our work seem like child’s play.

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  1. safiya says:

    Wedding day is the most awaited event and most happiest day that happen into our life.
    Congratulations and best wishes!!

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