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Don’t you just love second chances? While doing it right the first time is naturally reasonable, there has got to be a time for second wind. In running, second wind refers to “the return of relatively easy breathing after initial exhaustion during continuous exertion” or just simply, the renewed strength to continue an undertaking. But what about second wind in relationships? In Joyce and Joyce’s love story, that meant a church wedding after several years of separation.

Joyce, the bride, has revealed in their wedding website (or wedsite, as is most appropriate) that they have been married civilly in 1997. But things happened between them that led to a brief separation. In as much as they were destined to be together because of their names, it was also destiny that brought them to the path of reconciliation. So 15 years after the two Joyces became one, is this love-filled church wedding.

Their civil rites were just attended by two witnesses. But this time, their chosen church was flocked by family and relatives, work colleagues, and their three wonderful kids. Life has been good and will even be better on this new chapter of their lives. Congratulations, Joyce and Joyce!

Thanks to this loving couple for including me in their suppliers’ list at their wedsite.  And because my stardom has been predicted, I promise to remain my humble self. *bows* Thanks guys! It is an honor to be part of your happy-ever-after.

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    Thanks for the share of your happiest moment.

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