SIDNEY and MARGE Same Day Edit

Sidney and Marge had 11 years to look back to on their wedding day. What does 11 years give them? Experience. Sometimes difficult but most of the time, full of happiness. But overall, those 11 years made them the couple they are now. It led them at the altar. Somehow, their vows tell us that they know how to go from there to the kind of life they will create together.

Speaking of experience, this wedding brought us again to the San Agustin Church in Intramuros, Manila.  We have done many wedding shoots there. But this time, as we were setting up, someone from the church told us not to use our aerial camera since another videographer’s camera crashed earlier that week. After much convincing where we even showed them our demo reel, the church allowed us to shoot as we please. What does this tell us? We should trust experience. That is something we can humbly claim we have.

Congratulations Sidney and Marge!


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