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Connections. Families naturally come together at weddings. And weddings are made even more joyful by the bigger family circle it creates. In this particular wedding, it would be hard to miss the beauty of connections. The officiating priest at the church ceremony is the priest who baptized the groom as a baby. One of the members of the bridal entourage, the groom’s cousin, is a client of mine back in 2010 for her own wedding. And the bride is the sister of one of my team mates. When I think of how I am connected to the bride and groom, can’t help but feel heartfelt pride. Now I am part of two weddings in their families, thanks to being a wedding videographer.

One thing I love about weddings is the lasting connection it makes. Come to think of it, the bride and groom are strangers to each other to begin with. But the altar date changes all that. God bless your families. And to Angelo and Rachelle, God bless the family you are about to build.

Congratulations and best wishes!

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