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To get married is to take the plunge. Also, to get hitched. To say I do.  Almost always, getting married is to tie the knot, to walk down the aisle. It is also to settle down, to take one’s vows. As a Filipino wedding videographer, I’m very familiar with the line, “lumalagay sa tahimik.” These are just some of the more familiar idiomatic expressions about getting married. Usually, these expressions come right after one pops the question or asks for someone’s hand in marriage. There are truly many ways we can talk about getting married. Some express caution, others are descriptive of what is to come.

But simply, to Raymond and Desiree, they were just ready for anything. Being Mr. and Ms. Right for each other, they are both happy and determined to take on forever.

Congratulations, Raymond and Desiree!

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