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AMADOR and MARLYN Same Day Edit

I  have  captured  footages  of  majestic  trees.  There’s  something  about  them  that  I admire. The more I fly my aerial camera, the more prominent they become. This new year, I realized that trees are everywhere.

This couple, Amador and Marlyn, reminds me of what inspires me about trees – the more height they reach, the more rooted they become. This couple is a tree worth looking up to. They presently enjoy a blissful family life in the  USA.  Theirs  was  a  relationship  rooted  in  friendship  that  dated  back  to  their college years. His prayer is for God to make him into a good husband. Her prayer is for God to give her a husband she will love for the rest of her life. And I must say,Joyce Kilmer was right, that “…only God can make a tree.”

We have been into this new year for over a week now. Still, I am wishing all of you to be  living  in  a  reality  where  you  have  so  many  blessings  to  be  grateful  for.Congratulations, Amador and Marlyn! To your family, more blessings!

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