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About AG Garza

Bylines: Co-storytellers of your wedding story

We know why you are here. You want to immortalize the day you will vow to be with each other forever with the best wedding videographers in the Philippines. No one could be more important than the bride and groom on that day—we’re all are on the same page on that.

To be your visual storyteller, to capture your moments—that’s what we AG Garza Wedding Films does. As wedding videographers in the Philippines, we know that you are serious about your vows. We are too. And here is our vow to you.

We’ll be there for you wherever you choose your wedding to be; be it on top of a mountain, by the seashore of beautiful peninsula, or in the good ol’ open plains. We can travel for you by plane, boat, bicycle, and even RORO. Whether you choose to tie the knot at dusk or dawn, and all the hours in-between, trust us to be there.

We’ll be there to document your very important day. Armed with lenses and tripods, even helicopters if you wish for aerial shots, we’ll capture every detail that’s important for you. No need for a script because we are not film directors. We’ll catch your story as it unfolds so you can be as natural as can be. No need to hide the tears or the high. Let us work while you have a wedding.

We’ll be there for you, for whatever. Whether you are feeling adventurous or wanting to follow traditions, we’ll be witnesses. Whether you want to wear flip flops under your wedding gown, serve isaw at your reception, ride in a dune buggy to the church, we’ll be there for you. Whether you are having a glitch-free day or running out of luck, trust us to be there.

Tell us your story and we’ll help you write it. Our promise as a trusted wedding videographer in the Philippines is that you take away a memento of your perfect moment. Something your future generations will surely love to watch. That’s our solemn vow.

As wedding videographers in the Philippines, we’d love to help keep your precious memories of your special day. CONTACT US NOW!


Sharing this video as yours truly and some footages of A.G.Garza Wedding Films are included in the show. AHA Imbensyon Espisode.Channel 7 aired Sept 1, 2013 9am.


TEASER v4.0 (won finalist award in 2010 WEVA CEA)


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2 Responses to “About AG Garza”

  1. Myla Perez says:

    I love your work. It’s just simply amazing. I wish I saw your website last year. I would have paid your trip to the U.S. because I could not bring back the beautiful wedding I have last year in South Jersey because of a crappy videographer from George Street that charges $5,000 for nothing compared to your work.

    I will surely talk about you and recommend you to all the Fil-Ams here in the U.S. who are planning to marry and in the market for the best quality, artistic and heart warming video to cherish for the rest of their lives.

    I don’t know if you can edit my wedding video so I can at least watch it myself. I kinda hid it from my family and friends because it’s not the same as day of the wedding. It was just mediocre work.

    Please help me out, I will market your company for free.

    Myla Ballesteros-Weber

  2. Marvin Lampano says:

    Good Day,

    Me and my Fiance are in the preparation stage for our wedding next year. Upon seeing your work, I am interested in booking you. May I request for your services and rates?


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