Jan 10

The cool breeze of Tagaytay will undoubtedly carry their vows as a shoutout to the world. Well yes, here comes Team Gabe and Mel! With solid ground beneath their feet, they fearlessly expressed their commitment to each other. The words of love and devotion were loud and clear. And after the exchange of their heartfelt vows, a new husband and wife team is born. In their happy-ever-after, I am sure that they will stay beside each other all the time, for all times.

Congratulations, Gabe and Mel! Best wishes!

Jan 7

A wedding is a show of many kinds of love. There’s love between and within families. There’s the kind of love that friends have among each other that makes them show up wherever and whenever the bride and groom request them to do so. There’s also love for one’s church that prods us to seek its blessing. And of course, there’s the love between the couple. The kind of love that leads to commitment and permanency, the love that brings them to marriage.

But in marriage, there is only one love –the love between husband and wife. In this case, Nico’s and Cathy’s love for each other. Here, we witness the first in their forever. And as witnesses, we share their happiness and bid them a wonderful journey together.

Congratulations and best wishes, Nico and Cathy!

Jan 2

Most of the time, something has to end in order for another thing to begin. Sometimes, an ending is not really an end but a beginning in a new way. In a wedding, we always see the ending and the beginning. At the wedding ceremony, we see the bride and the groom march down the aisle, solo. But at the end of the ceremony, they walk together, inseparable. The couple steps out into the world, no longer as individuals, but as a team.

Kim and Camille, we are cheering for both of you. Congratulations and best wishes!

On a personal note, Happy New Year, dear friends especially the couples who have trusted me through the years. No matter how good a year is, it eventually ends. Goodbye, 2013. Welcome, 2014!

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