Jan 8

Richmonde Hotel
Christ the King
Mango Farm
Photography: Nelwin Uy
HMUA: Ten Franco
OTD: Just like Ours

What I like about having vows in the vernacular is that I feel it’s more heartfelt. For some, it may be a little mushy but in weddings that i have covered, sometimes, the “mushier it gets, the better.” There’s more impact in the crowd and it makes the gathering more sentimental…

To Jedi and Joyce, thanks for reminding us the beauty of expressing love in words that only people who are truly in love would know. You’re such an inspiration to look at.


Mar 2

Do you think this is romantic?
“I thank God that I met you in this lifetime because I would not have wanted to share my life with anybody other than you.”

Or perhaps this?
“I vow to have coffee with you everyday, for the rest of my life. Until we are old and suffering from palpitations and insomnia.”

Either way, both lines came from Ched’s marriage vow. Remember Ched and Che? This save-the-date video will surely refresh your memory. They are the couple that had to endure the distance of their relationship, with him being in Singapore, and her in the Philippines. But the distance doesn’t seem to matter to these two lovebirds. Che receives 4 dozens of flowers every month from Ched, without fail all throughout their ‘monthsaries.’ So when Ched delivered his vows in a heartfelt way, it came as no surprise. But still, his every word brought tears of joy to his bride.

Though obviously overwhelmed, Che’s demure countenance shone through. She said, with certainty and devotion, “I love you and I will be your strength forever.”

Congratulations, Ched and Che!


Aug 1

Crowne Plaza
Christ the King
Valle Verde 3  Club House

Now I know what it feels like to be inside a pressure cooker. For someone who breathes and lives for SDEs, I take pressure seriously. I have stayed this long in the biz because I want to meet, if not exceed, my clients’ expectations. So when Liezl, a loyal follower of this blog booked her wedding, the expectation meter went to the highest notch. And make that double high. Liezl has a twin sister, Lizette. When she got married last December, Lizette got another wedding videographer. Just thinking about the possible comparison filled my stomach with butterflies. But we pressed on. So on Liezl’s wedding to Joseph, I was all gutsy, and mushy (check out their vows) from one moment to the next.

Joseph, who looked so dapper by the altar, used to court Lizette. But Lizette has some other things on her mind. Liezl, who has a crush on Joseph, told her twin sister to suggest to him to court her instead. And the story ends by the altar, where during her vows, Liezl told a bit of their love story. Talk about partnership among twins. And they even got to discuss who is more beautiful between the two of them during the preparation. Lizette doted on her twin by being her make up artist, stylist, matron of honor and reception emcee.

All that twin love got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another me?:)


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