May 20

Photographer: Bobby delos Santos//MavAsia Photography
Ceremony and Reception: Fernbrook Gardens

Heard somewhere: “A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he was born and raised in the arms of a queen.

”True story: Jesy and Arra must be of royal lineage. For what could explain the fitting tribute they gave to their parents out of their joys at finding each other? They definitely know how to look back in order to move forward. They have decided to start their journey by being grateful to each other’s parents. Weddings often come with cautionary tales of dealing with in-laws. Not for these two. They thanked their parents for raising vow-worthy partners for life. After all, true love is something children learn at home.

Congratulations, Jesy and Arra!

Aug 29

There is a downpour I particularly like and that is, the downpour of blessings. In this wedding SDE, we were blessed with a calm weather until the bridal march has finished. By then, we were done with our aerial shots and focused on the indoor shots. That gave us enough time to fulfil our commitment to the newlyweds. So I share this lovely SDE of Choy’s and Rachel’s wedding as a proof that no rain or thunder can stop an altar date that’s meant to be. You won’t see anyone drenched in rain. In fact, their visuals can rival any summer wedding video. And if I may say so, no impending rainfall can daunt my team’s experience and dedication.

Congratulations, Choy and Rachel! Be continually blessed!

Mar 10

Fernbrook Gardens has gained steady popularity as a choice wedding venue for reel and real grand weddings. When Francis and Madelyn, both from Winnipeg in Canada, chose the said gardens, it was their turn to shine brightly in their own wedding film.

The long red carpet walk, the flowers that adorned the aisle, the placard that says, “here comes the bride,” were all little things silently heralding the big event. Yet, in their simplicity they were able to make bold expressions of what the day truly means for the bride and groom. Indeed, it was the day they both just once dreamed and prayed for. But with their destiny within reach, they have now starred in their movie of a lifetime.

Here comes the bride dressed all in white.
Radiant and lovely she shines in his sight.
Gently she glides graceful as a dove.
Meeting her bridegroom her eyes full of love.

Congratulations and best wishes, Francis and Madelyn!

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