Apr 13

Madre de Dios Parish
The Veranda

The equation is simple. Breathtaking venue + happy, loving family and friends = blissful wedding couple.

The relaxed vibe of Bert and Yuki’s nuptials was very evident in the jitter-free moments shared with the bridal entourage. When it comes down to sharing the love, this couple definitely knows how to do it in style.

Surrounded by close family and friends, not even the threatening volcanic activity of nearby Taal Volcano dampened the mood. The newlyweds enjoyed the outdoors as if it was their little paradise.

In fact, if we are just to go by Bert’s lingering looks on his bride and Yuki’s giddy smiles towards her dashing groom, then we could safely say that the couple is on their way to a happy journey together.

Best wishes!

Oct 8

Madre de Dios Parish
The Country Club-Veranda, Tagaytay Highlands
Photo: Pat Dy

It was our first time to shoot at the Madre de Dios Parish in Tagaytay and it was such a wonderful experience.

At first, Meo and Jaymee only booked us for a documentary video but just a month before their wedding, the couple decided to get us also for the same-day-edit. We initially planned to use aerial video for the church facade but because of the increment weather, we opted not to do it instead.

But even if we did not pushed through with the supposed aerial shots, we used new film tools for shooting their wedding called under car tilt camera mechanism which you might notice in the video.

Congrats Meo and Jaymee!