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JORDAN & VECCA Same Day Edit

Real men wear pink. Even if a song has said that ‘boys don’t cry,’ real men do. It is not the first time in all of wedding history, neither is it rare, that a groom shed tears upon seeing his Continue Reading


Marriott Hotel Basilica Minore de San Sebastian Serendipity (when one finds something that one was not expecting to find) ruled the stars the day they first met. That day, she was supposed to Continue Reading

IRVIN & JOAN SDE || Aerial Videography with Robotics

Hotel Sofitel San Sebastian Church Century Park Photo: Bobby De Los Santos(Redfox Photography) Continue Reading

BERNARD & JEN Same Day Edit

Sofitel Hotel San Sebastian Church Golden Bay Restaurant Photo: Redfox Photography Coordination: Christine Ong-Te 3D Photo Montage Continue Reading


A Venue Hotel San Sebastian Church Oasis The latest wedding coverage we had was the winner of the bidding AGGARZAvideos same day edit donated  for the w@w sponsored auction last Continue Reading

Patrick & Keith || Aerial Videography

San Sebastian Villa Immaculada What's nice about Patrick & Keith's choice of church is San Sebastian's unique architectural  design which boasts of its all steel structure and high ceiling. Continue Reading

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