Jan 28

Smiling seems to be hard when there are a thousand thoughts racing through your mind. But at weddings, smiling is the only preoccupation worthy of becoming a way of life. Kirby and Maina never ran out of smiles on their wedding day. As any other couple surrounded by people they love and who love them back, there isn’t any reason why they should not be smiling. We can tell by their smiles that they might have broken their happiness meters that day.

We hope your every day be as bright and as joyful as your wedding day. Congratulations, Kirby and Maina!

May 25

A couple’s altar date could possibly be the best time of their lives. After all, our time in this life is made up of millions of seconds and minutes united with one another. And a wedding is a perfect time to unite our personal time with that of the couple’s. No time is wasted or rendered insignificant. Weddings are solemn that way. For Cyrus and Rubylene, it was a bright start, too. Witness how every color came alive with each smile and how every little gesture is a mirror of true love.

Congratulations, Cyrus and Rubylene!

May 2

Edsa Shangri_La
Santuario de San Jose

“Happy birthday, Mommy…” is a song that is better heard at a birthday party than at a wedding. But not when the radiant bride, Teofi, is also celebrating her natal day on her nuptial day. The one offering her a song is no other than Samantha, the newlywed’s 2-year old daughter. Ryan is no stranger to our team’s lenses. He is the brother of one of my grooms, two years back. Now, as he gets his turn, he placed his trust on us, once again.

Amidst the demands of raising a family, the couple still chose to seal their vows of forever before the altar. As in Samantha’s words, “Palakpak!” She hit the right chords especially since that day is also her day. After all, it is a celebration of her parent’s love. She is the living proof.

Congratulations, Ryan and Teofi!


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