Jan 22

Shrine of Jesus and Mary
Coordination | Okasyon by Anton Sarcia
Photo | Michelle Pineda Pastoril
Band | Sound Salad
L&S | Crib Audio Systems
Stylist | Fullblooms Flower Shop by: Inah
Caterer | Crystal Dragon

Don’t you just love watching videos that show genuine emotions?
Those that aren’t rehearsed yet turned out to have the best impact with the audience?

Such is the case of Jim and Ivy.

What stood out were moments when the couple showed their vulnerable sides.
In fact, the hardest part was trying to choose parts that best captured their emotions because there were just too many of them to choose from.

Jim and Ivy, may this give you inspiration to always keep the fire burning in your marriage. What we saw was a love so sincere that no hurdles can get in its way.


Feb 2

January 31, 2009
Shrine of Jesus
Photography: Chito Cleofas

Jac & Jen same day edit is another audio sync video for Chito Cleofas Photography. I love doing bokeh shots (Bokeh-is a Photographic term referring to the appearance of out-of-focus areas in an image produced by a camera lens using a shallow depth of field) using my 35mm adapter. As you see in our previous sde, I shot the wedding ring in different bokeh(heart,star,circle).

Special thanks to my friend Jason Magbanua for this vimeo plus account.