May 15

Every wedding is unique. What continues to fascinate me is the beauty of seeing a couple’s wedding bands. Why? Weddings bands are very personal and private to a couple. It symbolizes everlasting love. And it stays close to the couple even long after the wedding is over. Wedding bands + solemn vows = bliss.

Congratulations, JM and Dhe!

Feb 29

Clear skies + warm sun + relaxed breeze = Blissful wedding day!

Christopher and Christine got these elements in the right doses. With everything falling into place in the church ceremony, it was natural to expect that the reception would be as calm. But little did we know that the newlyweds prepared a stellar dancing performance. And dance well, they did! Who would have thought that a couple’s first dance could turn out at par with professional performance? Well, watch the video as a proof.

Congratulations Christopher and Christine! Let the world be your dance floor. Keep groovin’!

Jan 25

Happy New Year of the Water Dragon!

Let me present you an ang pau (or ang pow) and here is what it contains: My team’s heartfelt wish –
“May your wealth come to fill a hall.
May all your wishes be fulfilled.
May your happiness be without limit.”

These are auspicious greetings during the Chinese New Year. And it is usually at this time of the year when we often see red packets or ang pau containing treasures. The thing is, you’ll find a treasure of memories every time you capture something into film.

Here’s Michael’s & Alistaire’s wedding video, one fine day this 2012. The day was blissful, though varying emotions ran the place. A smile there, a tear here, nervousness and excitement in one go, but overall happiness was felt. It was such a colorful wedding, much thanks to the handsome couple’s choice of motif. So vivid are the colors that they would want to burst out of your screens. And they walked on a royal blue carpet, fit for their highness.

Congratulations and best wishes, Michael and Altaire!

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