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PAIGE and STEVE Wedding // Philadelphia, USA

“You two bring out the best in each other.” The message of Paige’s sister echoed through out the hall while everybody agreed in unison. I liked how the celebration focused on the Continue Reading

RM and KAYE Same Day Edit

Abagatan Ti Manila Transfiguration Chapel Photography: Freshmind Photography Coordination: Josephine Frando The wedding of RM and Kaye simply represents a love tested by time and all sort of Continue Reading

JOSEPH and JOANE Same Day Edit

I liked how the couple was able to be so at ease with the camera. Every shot was taken in a good angle… everything has its own story to tell. The bride, Joane, was ravishing with her glow Continue Reading

ALBERT and JELL Same Day Edit

"You are my strength and my weakness.." - Albert & Jell Vows would always be the highlight of the church ceremony in a wedding. It is during this time that we see the Continue Reading

JAMES and JOANNE Same Day Edit

Photographer: Redfox Photography Coordination: Perfect Moments Preparation: Taal Vista Church: Transfiguration Chapel Reception: Taal Vista It has been said that there’s a reason for every Continue Reading

JOHN and MARIBEL Same Day Edit

Photographer:Francis Baluyot Makeup Artist: Mariah Camaya Santos Preparation: Summit Ridge Church: Transfiguration Chapel Reception: Hill Creek Loving from a distance is not for the fearful, Continue Reading


Top of the world feeling. Top of the hill wedding. They wanted to have an Easter wedding and they had it. It is a church setup that is especially granted.  They have been and are blessed to have Continue Reading


Magical and enchanting.  A fitting description for a fairy tale. But for Dexter and Joan, it is their real love story. They have chosen Valentine’s Day to be their wedding day. They have chosen Continue Reading

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