Apr 24

Top of the world feeling. Top of the hill wedding.

They wanted to have an Easter wedding and they had it. It is a church setup that is especially granted.  They have been and are blessed to have their wedding as they have wished it to be and most of all,  to be with each other, for all  their lifetimes combined. Clearly, Jason and Nina know how to work to get what they want – an essential skill that they would need as they build the family of their dreams.

Congratulations, Jason and Nina! Cheers to all realized dreams!

Feb 26

Magical and enchanting.  A fitting description for a fairy tale. But for Dexter and Joan, it is their real love story. They have chosen Valentine’s Day to be their wedding day. They have chosen Baguio as their wedding destination. They were married at a bountiful time for flowers to spring its beauty. The wedding scenes could have taken a leaf from a fairy tale except that it was better. The love and characters were for real.

And so it goes that they lived happily ever after. Congratulations and best wishes, Dex and Joan!


Jan 6

No less than Time magazine’s 2013 Person of the Year, Pope Francis, has said, “In societies that trumpet individual rights, see everything as fleeting and see no value in sticking to something that’s difficult, deciding to get married today takes courage.”

Indeed, as in every wedding, Anne and Mel are the bravest for taking the plunge, for pledging forever without guarantees, for dealing with the unknown that is yet to come. But true love can say ‘forever.’ And as we have been told, true love really roars.

Congratulations, Mel and Anne! Best wishes to your forever!

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