Dec 5

Our recent wedding assignment was filmed in Mactan, Cebu. What I particularly liked about Dex and Jeng is their attention to details and how they want certain things to be done in their wedding film. Truly, a class act and one for the books!

Congratulations Dex and Jeng!

Oct 8

Answered Prayer. It has been said that, “love is the story and the prayer that matters the most.” So when the one you love and the answer to your prayer happens to be standing right in front of you, it makes for a most romantic ‘I do.’ Juric and Jen are definitely heaven-sent to each other.

As their wedding videographer, I thank them for the wonderful playground they have provided me with. Nothing beats flying my camera over the boundless horizon, over clear skies and the enticing beach.

Congratulations,  Juric and Jen!


Save the Date

Jan 18

Who wouldn’t want a perfect wedding? Definitely, Sam and Alice want it. And they got it. On the day of their wedding, the sky was bright and the beach waves hushed. There was just enough breeze to go by. Lots of sunshine that made all the colors of the day come alive. Calm nerves, steady walk, all things well in its place. That’s the wedding we saw at Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Sam and Alice requested for a hybrid video, one that included the important footages of their wedding ceremony and other pre-wedding activities. As a bonus, we were able to film the beauty of the place and the richness of their wedding culture. We don’t normally see groomsmen willingly take on “extra challenges,” do we?

But before you click on the video link, let me just say that a heart-melting moment is coming up. The bride said, “I promise to remember this feeling especially in a difficult moment.” You just know that more powerful that the perfection of the day is the power of a promise.

 Congratulations, Sam and Alice!

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