Jan 10

The cool breeze of Tagaytay will undoubtedly carry their vows as a shoutout to the world. Well yes, here comes Team Gabe and Mel! With solid ground beneath their feet, they fearlessly expressed their commitment to each other. The words of love and devotion were loud and clear. And after the exchange of their heartfelt vows, a new husband and wife team is born. In their happy-ever-after, I am sure that they will stay beside each other all the time, for all times.

Congratulations, Gabe and Mel! Best wishes!

Aug 29

There is a downpour I particularly like and that is, the downpour of blessings. In this wedding SDE, we were blessed with a calm weather until the bridal march has finished. By then, we were done with our aerial shots and focused on the indoor shots. That gave us enough time to fulfil our commitment to the newlyweds. So I share this lovely SDE of Choy’s and Rachel’s wedding as a proof that no rain or thunder can stop an altar date that’s meant to be. You won’t see anyone drenched in rain. In fact, their visuals can rival any summer wedding video. And if I may say so, no impending rainfall can daunt my team’s experience and dedication.

Congratulations, Choy and Rachel! Be continually blessed!

Oct 19

Weddings are definitely dreams-at-work. The theme, the style, and everything else about it are products of the couple’s wishes or how they picture their big day would be like. When all the details are attended to, the careful choice of venue completes the picture. From the looks of it, Christian and Fritzie have successfully chosen their venue pretty well.

The backdrop that they chose was The Greenery, where the sky is vast and the earth is abundant. It was vibrant and full of life and yet serene and relaxing. You’d get a whiff of fresh air just by watching their same-day-edit (SDE) video. They have definitely chosen a good way to start their journey together.

Congratulations Christian and Fritzie!

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