Jul 26

Finding a better half can be likened to meeting one’s soul mate. For others, it can be knowing their best friend. Still, some pin their hopes on luck and destiny. But there are also others who, like Janette, think that it can be an answered prayer.

I thank the Lord for giving me a wonderful gift. Kasi yung taong pinapag-pray ko, pinagpe-pray din pala ako.” (I thank the Lord for giving me a wonderful gift. It is because the one I was praying for was also praying for me.)

I am back in the country from an overseas vacation. But before you think that I was all-play, wait till you see my overseas creations which I will be featuring soon here.

There is no one right way on finding the person we get to end up with for life. But there surely is one way of reliving the precious memories of your wedding day. Videos. SDE. Aerial wedding film-making. So do call me, not maybe, but surely.

Mar 10

Fernbrook Gardens has gained steady popularity as a choice wedding venue for reel and real grand weddings. When Francis and Madelyn, both from Winnipeg in Canada, chose the said gardens, it was their turn to shine brightly in their own wedding film.

The long red carpet walk, the flowers that adorned the aisle, the placard that says, “here comes the bride,” were all little things silently heralding the big event. Yet, in their simplicity they were able to make bold expressions of what the day truly means for the bride and groom. Indeed, it was the day they both just once dreamed and prayed for. But with their destiny within reach, they have now starred in their movie of a lifetime.

Here comes the bride dressed all in white.
Radiant and lovely she shines in his sight.
Gently she glides graceful as a dove.
Meeting her bridegroom her eyes full of love.

Congratulations and best wishes, Francis and Madelyn!

Sep 15

Englishman John Ruskin once said that, “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”

So when it rained on Mark’s and Sen’s wedding, the venue was re-set. But the wedding carried on. Now, Mark and Sen are newlyweds ready to face the seasons of their lives. Others may think that the rain on their wedding day was a setback. Still, others may think that the rain was a way of heaven in blessing them. But whatever meaning may be attached to it, the important thing is that our couple, through their actions, spoke their weddings vows the loudest. That no matter what comes their way, they will stick together.

After all, who needs the sun when Mark and Sen have each other to light up their world? Congratulations, Mark and Sen!


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