A.G. Garza
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JOHN and MARIBEL Same Day Edit

Photographer:Francis Baluyot Makeup Artist: Mariah Camaya Santos Preparation: Summit Ridge Church: Transfiguration Chapel Reception: Hill Creek Loving from a distance is not for the fearful, Continue Reading

MJ and Ma’Anne Same Day Edit

HMUA: CJ Jimenez Photographer: Lucky Cruz Coordinator: Rhed Sarmiento A woman may forget how many steps it took her from the bridal car to the altar, but never how it made her feel beautiful and Continue Reading

JASON and SARA Same Day Edit

Coordinator : SMA Weddings Photographer : CamZar Photography Wedding Gown : Mara Chua Make up : Therese Claire Anne Flowers : Tina Berin “Buong tapang kitang mamahalin.” - Continue Reading

ANGELO and JOJI Same Day Edit

What takes time? A lot of things take time. In fact, everything does. Most especially, good things take time. This is why patience is a virtue, because time entails waiting. And what wonderful things Continue Reading

CHARLES and IVY Same Day Edit

Home for me is where you are…This is a couple who has battled with long distance issues and won. This is theirvictory party. Now that they have burned the distance between them, they are at home Continue Reading

AMADOR and MARLYN Same Day Edit

I  have  captured  footages  of  majestic  trees.  There’s  something  about  them  that  I admire. The more I fly my aerial camera, the more prominent they become. This new year, I Continue Reading

PHILIP and MELISSA Same Day Edit

Having everything you’ll ever need in front of you is one of the best ways to live.Having someone pledge his whole life for you is the best way to kick-start maritalbliss.  Newlyweds Philip and Continue Reading

ALVIN & ARMI Same Day Edit

Alvin’s and Armi’s altar date brought together well-loved family members, from the youngest to the wisest. They all became witnesses to the couple’s declaration of vows. And because of our Continue Reading

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