Jun 28

Childhood has kites and paper airplanes. Womanity has Amelia Earhart. Mankind has the Wright Brothers. Your wedding can now have my UAV.

Yes, you read that right. Meet my Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). This is the kite and paper plane of my present life. This is my eye in the sky. My robotic genius. My game changer.

Over the years, a lot of changes have transpired in the wedding supplier industry. Suppliers grew in number. Services became multi-faceted. Trends compounded in exciting proportions. But through it all, a wedding video remains part of the core essentials. Filming a wedding continues to be a passionate creative pursuit for wedding filmmakers like me. Just last year, I decided to add another tool for the trade – my aircraft camera.

I have already used this high-flying, hovering camera in several wedding shoots. The footages I get mimic that heavenly feeling of being in love, that of walking on cloud 9. As I do my filming on the ground, my UAV flies to cover from a higher range. It does its job up in the air while I get to compose my shots without compromising my creativity. This setup is a wedding in itself, a fusion of earth and sky, a mixture of art and technology. A perfect union for your perfect union.

So I invite you to take a look. No, let me correct that. I invite you to soar with us. This is an offering of its kind, a rare first in the industry, a premium that is unparalleled. Something you ought to try for your wedding. After all, the landscape awaits and the game is changing. This is the beginning.


Jul 11
Tag Team
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Okay, it is about time I tell you about my secret dream. I want to have the superpower of being in different places at the same time. And to time travel whenever I want to. That way, I can be everywhere, anytime. Well, that’s me. Sounds fantastic, right? Oh yeah, and one more thing, it is downright crazy.

So I haven’t gone cuckoo yet. And while I’m still trying to figure out my legacy to this world, I got busy. But don’t worry, I still have enough calendar days to be at your wedding (your cue to contact me and book). I just got busy with a few people. And they are very special to me and my work (second to my family, of course).

They are the Robin to my Batman. The Bert to my Ernie (yeah, I did watch Sesame Street). The Lois to my Clark. The Mulder to my Scully. The Butthead in my Beavis. The Guy to my Pip. Now that is enough… I guess you could see that I’m talking about partners here.

But having your own Charlie’s Angels (I so wish they look like them though) or your own Eleven (remember Ocean?) would really be great. Being in the wedding business for 10 years, I know that one good man (yep, that would be me) could not be at two places at the same time. So I have them. What better legacy to have than to train others to your craft? What better pride to have than the pride of seeing others become good at what you can do?

So first, they tagged along. Showed them the ropes, so to speak. Then at one time, I told them the secret of making fabulous SDEs, the formula for capturing a wedding’s finest moments through video lenses. The secret, I said, is…we’ll keep it to ourselves for now. But these people won’t remain a secret. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my Tag Team. Yes, A.G.Garza Wedding Films  Tag Team.

My Tag Team are my partners. They are not second-rate, trying hard, copycats! Remember when you used to play tag as a kid? You “tag” someone and that person becomes the next “it.” In this case, the next star videographer. And who doesn’t know how to “tag” a friend in Facebook or Twitter? Though I taught them my tricks, trust me when I say that they can document your wedding as only professionals could, even when I’m not around. That’s how independent they are and that’s how I trained them to be – dependable. That’s my league extraordinaire, my first class men.

To know more about them, CLICK HERE

Aug 5

One of our clients decided to move their date so we are now open for hire on January 22, 2011.

Pls. give us a beep or send us email if you’re interested.


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