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Destination Weddings

ALBY and RYAN Wedding // Chicago, USA
Hilton Chicago
St. Benedict Church
Venue Six10
Photography: Michael Nguyen | Lazy Eight Photography
Wedding Planner: Lisa Jaroscak | Storybook Weddings and Events

They say that when two people are destined to be together…
That love will find a way to bring them together,
No matter how far the distance may be….
And how long the years have been apart …

For a couple who fought and found forever after 13 years…
May you always be reminded of your vows promised on this day …
and, of your love so true…
that no mountain or river…
and even continents…
may stand in the way of your great love for one another…

From Australia to Chicago, May your love story continue to have the sweetest moments that you both deserve…

Congratulations to you Alby and Ryan!

AMANDA and JOHN Wedding // Philadelphia, USA
Photographer: John Barone Photography

The word “Forever’ is probably the most used word in weddings…for how can any word come close, when you talk about love that is pure and unconditional?

John and Amanda’s love story is a great example of Forever. A story which started out by just being neighbors… then friends; then eventually being lovers and finally, had sealed their commitment to one another by being husband and wife.

The instruction was simple – to shoot their wedding and capture each moment that would highlight not just theirs but also their family and friends wonderful moments too. That’s why what you would see here are shots of happy people and a couple whose unselfishness and love go beyond what we can capture on screen.

To John and Amanda, may your love be greater than what you thought could ever be possible. With you, there’s really great hope for a “Happily ever after…”

Best wishes!

MARY GRACE and MEYRICK Wedding // Maryland, USA
Marriott Hotel
Mother Seton Parish Church
Photographer: Ryan Ortega

The saying “Nice guys finish last” is attributed to baseball Hall of Famer Leo Durocher. It is meant to imply that nice guys tend to get bested from attaining their goal. But in the case of Meyrick, being the nice guy that he is (he has an entire ballroom to attest to this fact), is one of the things that endeared him to the love of his life. Meyrick’s personality fits into Mary Grace’s own charms like a piece of a puzzle completing the big picture. In this story, the nice guy gets the good girl.

Meyrick and Mary Grace tied the knot at a day when the snow chose to blanket the worldwith its beauty. Take away the snow from the equation and we still have to two people perfectly in love with each other. The very fact of snow is nature’s accomplishment. But Meyrick’s and Mary Grace’s togetherness is heaven-sent.

Congratulations, Meyrick and Mary Grace!

CHRISTIAN and MARIA Wedding // Santa Barbara California

Love is the shortest distance between hearts. Proven before, proven now with Christian and Maria. They started out as friends but their love was strengthened when email love letters flew from Afghanistan to the US, and back. Boundaries faded since then. While physically apart, Christian and Maria got to know each other better and have grown to love each other’s company. They survived being miles apart. Now that they are together, they are simply inseparable.

So it is no surprise that Maria and Christian celebrated their wedding day with a fitting tribute to their modern love letter writing with a touch of vintage that transported their guests back in time. Theirs is a love that would never be outdated, only growing till the end of time.

Congratulations, Christian and Maria! We wish you a world of blessings!

P. S. I may have been filming several weddings in the US and have grown accustomed to flying my aerial camera overseas. But this particular shoot would not be spectacular if not for the help of Christina, a former client turned friend (California wedding in 2012). Thank you, Christina, for your valuable assistance.

And special thanks to my best friend, Regin and Michelle Sarrosa. Pareng Regin and best, your hospitality and generous company is immeasurable. Thank you very much!

LLOYD and SHERYL Wedding // Oak Glen California
Holiday Inn Hotel
Serendipity Garden, Oak Glen CA
Coordinator: Thelma Beltran//The Wedding Bliss

Earth and sky always meet eye-to-eye in this side of the world. Stars and mere mortals couldn’t help but collide in California. This May, we witness the wedding of Lloyd and Sheryll in Hollywood, stars in their own rights. Aside from the breathtaking landscape, we get a glimpse of how these newlyweds will endure their marital journey. Just like their wedding day, they will traverse marital bliss prepared for all the details. Most of all, they will be by each other’s side, hand in hand, whether they are dealing with the waves or on top of the hill.

Congratulations, Lloyd and Sheryll!

ALFRED and LEILANI Wedding // Maui, Hawaii
Mid-year. Yes, it is middle of the year already. Recently, I found myself in the midstof paradise – Hawaii. It feels like the midpoint of the sea, sky, and earth. Mostimportantly, work brought me there. As I expected, the scenic landscape of the placetook my breath away. But equally wonderful was the ceremony I got to witness withmy lens.

There was unmistakeable unity. Oneness that goes beyond Alfredo and Leilani andtheir loved ones. Oneness that involved the universe. The blowing of the conch shellserved to summon the loving energy of all creations into that one moment. You couldimagine the universe in harmony with the vows being shared by the newly weds. Inthere, the sky is literally the limit.

Congratulations, Leilani & Alfredo!

BRIAN and JESSICA Wedding // Philadelphia, USA
Pennsylvania. Being trusted is a feeling like no other. I soar at the trust given to me by clients. So when Brian and Jessica told me about their wedding, I knew the responsibility as a wedding videographer was herculean. Good thing, I have my team and equipment to trust. Pennsylvania proved to be a good shoot. It was a world of its own, with visuals that are impressive to catch. Best of all, it was pretty much heart-warming to capture everything about the wedding itself. From the sweet to the funny to the tears, the range of emotions just kept everything perfect. Brian and Jessica exchanged oh-so-sweet vows, while Brian’s friends revealed much about him. The Emergency Preparedness Kit they gave to the bride rivals any kit ever seen. Funny how reality creeps in every time a dream is fulfilled. And how love never fails to reveal itself, especially at times like these.

It may be just one of the many states in the US, but at that time, for a simple Philippine wedding videographer like yours truly, it felt like the world.

Congratulations, Brian and Jessica! Thank you for the trust.

AARON and CHRISTINA WedDING // Corona California
Mission San Juan Capistrano Church, CA Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach, CA

Hello Philippines! We are on the last quarter of 2012. It is unbelievable how time zooms so quickly when you are having fun. Come to think of it, this year has been good most especially because I was able to launch my aerial videography services. Not an easy feat, I must say, considering that it is a pioneering step in the wedding industry.

So where did I bring my lenses recently? California! You got that, right. On an overseas booking engagement, I find myself in an idyllic city with a vibrant vibe. So welcome to my little piece of California in Orange County.

Meet Aaron and Christina, our couple on spotlight. I don’t know how they did it but they were able to fuse simplicity and grandiose in one event. They simply had all the elements one could ever wish for in a wedding dream-come-true. And because one can sense the completeness of it all, it was larger-than-life. Really. Most especially when you realize in one moment that you are surrounded by loving family and friends of the couple and you know that even if you are in California, there’s that familiar display of the Filipino family spirit. It was simply love, at its most uncomplicated.

But since events like this bring people together, I also missed my team while I was there. It is a real challenge to shoot alone. Not to mention that there are certain protocols in the venues to deal with. But hey, it can be done. For serious wedding film artists as yours truly, the challenges make the process more creative. And besides, just like in my aerial videography, nobody said it would be easy. Just worth it.

Special Thanks to my fellow PVM(Pinoy Video Maker) from Orange County GERALD DE GUZMAN of Gerald De Guzman Wedding Films for helping us with this film. This guy is totally awesome!!!

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