PHILIP and MELISSA Same Day Edit

Having everything you’ll ever need in front of you is one of the best ways to live.Having someone pledge his whole life for you is the best way to kick-start maritalbliss.  Newlyweds Philip and Melissa started that way. They did have to end theirsingle statuses but the trade off was surely well worth it. Their individual endingsgave way to their beautiful beginning together.

Congratulations, Philip and Melissa!

Aerial Filming Interview

It was an honor to be interviewed by Bam Alegre for news report on drones/uav and aerial videography for wedding filming. The interview with some demo shots was featured on GMA News TV 11 SONA(State of the nation) hosted by Jessica Soho. We were contacted as we were part of the team which took the aerial filming of Dingdong and Marian(#DongYan) recently tagged as the wedding of the year for 2014. Hopefully this is the start of more projects to come for 2015.


At exactly 8:42 am of December 30, 2014, I posted on my Facebook account that I was on my last aerial filming of the year. The event I was filming proved to be on top of the news feeds, trending in social media communities, and continues to be a hot topic to this day. I am grateful for the trust conferred by GMA 7 to shoot the aerial footages of the #DongYanWedding. While it was challenging, the task also proved to be humbling as I get to contribute my talent in telling their story. And while it was daunting, it was also the most inspiring. Not just because they were big celebrities (showbiz royalties, they were considered) but because they were so real.

Please catch the airing of the full wedding video at GMA 7 within the month.

Happy New Year! I may have had a blast with my year-end coverage but there are also a lot of things to look forward to in 2015. Will keep you posted, Hollywood just fell in line.

ALVIN & ARMI Same Day Edit

Alvin’s and Armi’s altar date brought together well-loved family members, from the youngest to the wisest. They all became witnesses to the couple’s declaration of vows. And because of our couple’s heartfelt promises to each other, they just gained a solid fan base of  loved ones cheering them on towards a beautiful journey together.

Alvin’s and Armi’s love is worth celebrating for. Congratulations, Sweetie and Sweetie!


The wedding day is always a treasure trove of memories – be it a captured snapshot, a memorable video footage, or a well-remembered feeling. There is always something to remind us of that day. And for quite some time now, it is also fast becoming a day to collect heirlooms. Marcus and Mhelai surely have some important items to pass onto their future generations, foremost of which were their gifts to each other on their wedding day. When that day comes, it would definitely be a blast to recount what happened on their wedding day. Certainly, that would feel like the 25th of October2 014 all over again.

Congratulations, Marcus and Mhelai! Cheers to a beautiful forever!


No mathematical equation can explain the chemistry and physics of love between two people. And yet, that love has united many hearts as proven in time. The latest to date are Nelson and Lorraine. Despite being sweet towards each other, they can’t help but express how fiercely they would fight for their love. Through rain or sunshine, this couple knows that they’ll be there for each other. And for now, that is all the answer they need.

Aerial Cinematography Demo Reel 2014

Aerial videography in weddings is here to stay. More couples trust this technology.There are more suppliers offering it, too. As they say, more players, merrier field. But as early as when I was starting out this venture till now, safety has always been a priority. Safety of my clients. Safety of my aerial camera. And most of all, safety of my creativity.

In aerial videography, there is honesty. Up in the horizon, no one can tweak the light.No one can rearrange the clouds or to tell the sun to shine brighter. The waves of the sea will kiss the shoreline when it wants to. And the trees will keep swaying to an unheard-of-beat. What the aerial camera captures is the truth of the moment. And in all of my professional experience, I believe that it is something that must be guarded with safety practices. You can be assured that my wedding team practices what we preach.

Allow me to share a compilation of aerial footages shot here and abroad, of weddings and prenups, of promises and dreams. This is proof that when our cameras go up,they do come down safely on the ground, carrying your prized moments.


Top of the world feeling. Top of the hill wedding.

They wanted to have an Easter wedding and they had it. It is a church setup that is especially granted.  They have been and are blessed to have their wedding as they have wished it to be and most of all,  to be with each other, for all  their lifetimes combined. Clearly, Jason and Nina know how to work to get what they want – an essential skill that they would need as they build the family of their dreams.

Congratulations, Jason and Nina! Cheers to all realized dreams!

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