Jan 8

Richmonde Hotel
Christ the King
Mango Farm
Photography: Nelwin Uy
HMUA: Ten Franco
OTD: Just like Ours

What I like about having vows in the vernacular is that I feel it’s more heartfelt. For some, it may be a little mushy but in weddings that i have covered, sometimes, the “mushier it gets, the better.” There’s more impact in the crowd and it makes the gathering more sentimental…

To Jedi and Joyce, thanks for reminding us the beauty of expressing love in words that only people who are truly in love would know. You’re such an inspiration to look at.


Jan 4

Summit Ridge
Narra Hill
Photo: MavAsia Photography
Gown: Rich Fontanilla
Coordinator: Imbitado Events

In times when it’s a cliche’ to believe in forever, I get to encounter a situation and in this case, a couple who would make me believe in true love.

Such would be the case of Chris and Lally. The imperfections that came with their love story made it more convincing just how far love can go.

Thanks to this couple for letting us choose the music to capture the same day edit of their wedding. We kinda like how the solemnity of the event was given just the right ‘kick’to make the event more interesting to watch during the reception.


Dec 7

Do people still believe in Love at First sight? How about a photo on “Facebook” at first sight?

Their love story started overseas and is somewhat “digital.” For what could be more cuter than an attraction found in the most unexpected place, a thought that perhaps, ‘she could be the one’, A guy who has waited in vain… found it, nurtured it…kept it…and now, sealed in Caleruega Church.

To John and Romi, May your love story continue to grow and hopefully, inspire others to never lose hope in their journey of true love.

Best wishes….

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