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ANGELO and JOJI Same Day Edit

What takes time? A lot of things take time. In fact, everything does. Most especially, good things take time. This is why patience is a virtue, because time entails waiting. And what wonderful things await those who can wait.

Angelo and Joji are both blessed to know the virtue of time. After all, good relationships don’t just happen. They do take time, patience, and two people who truly want to make it work. Much like building a cathedral where no stone is unimportant, no detail is ignored. Our couple has just secured a stable foundation for their family life, starting with this romantic wedding at Manila Cathedral.

Congratulations, Angelo and Joji!

CHARLES and IVY Same Day Edit

Home for me is where you are…This is a couple who has battled with long distance issues and won. This is theirvictory party. Now that they have burned the distance between them, they are at home with each other. Nothing beats having your loved one close by, to know that you areloved and secured. Congratulations, Charles and Ivy!

AMADOR and MARLYN Same Day Edit

I  have  captured  footages  of  majestic  trees.  There’s  something  about  them  that  I admire. The more I fly my aerial camera, the more prominent they become. This new year, I realized that trees are everywhere.

This couple, Amador and Marlyn, reminds me of what inspires me about trees – the more height they reach, the more rooted they become. This couple is a tree worth looking up to. They presently enjoy a blissful family life in the  USA.  Theirs  was  a  relationship  rooted  in  friendship  that  dated  back  to  their college years. His prayer is for God to make him into a good husband. Her prayer is for God to give her a husband she will love for the rest of her life. And I must say,Joyce Kilmer was right, that “…only God can make a tree.”

We have been into this new year for over a week now. Still, I am wishing all of you to be  living  in  a  reality  where  you  have  so  many  blessings  to  be  grateful  for.Congratulations, Amador and Marlyn! To your family, more blessings!

PHILIP and MELISSA Same Day Edit

Having everything you’ll ever need in front of you is one of the best ways to live.Having someone pledge his whole life for you is the best way to kick-start maritalbliss.  Newlyweds Philip and Melissa started that way. They did have to end theirsingle statuses but the trade off was surely well worth it. Their individual endingsgave way to their beautiful beginning together.

Congratulations, Philip and Melissa!

Aerial Filming Interview

It was an honor to be interviewed by Bam Alegre for news report on drones/uav and aerial videography for wedding filming. The interview with some demo shots was featured on GMA News TV 11 SONA(State of the nation) hosted by Jessica Soho. We were contacted as we were part of the team which took the aerial filming of Dingdong and Marian(#DongYan) recently tagged as the wedding of the year for 2014. Hopefully this is the start of more projects to come for 2015.


At exactly 8:42 am of December 30, 2014, I posted on my Facebook account that I was on my last aerial filming of the year. The event I was filming proved to be on top of the news feeds, trending in social media communities, and continues to be a hot topic to this day. I am grateful for the trust conferred by GMA 7 to shoot the aerial footages of the #DongYanWedding. While it was challenging, the task also proved to be humbling as I get to contribute my talent in telling their story. And while it was daunting, it was also the most inspiring. Not just because they were big celebrities (showbiz royalties, they were considered) but because they were so real.

Please catch the airing of the full wedding video at GMA 7 within the month.

Happy New Year! I may have had a blast with my year-end coverage but there are also a lot of things to look forward to in 2015. Will keep you posted, Hollywood just fell in line.

ALVIN & ARMI Same Day Edit

Alvin’s and Armi’s altar date brought together well-loved family members, from the youngest to the wisest. They all became witnesses to the couple’s declaration of vows. And because of our couple’s heartfelt promises to each other, they just gained a solid fan base of  loved ones cheering them on towards a beautiful journey together.

Alvin’s and Armi’s love is worth celebrating for. Congratulations, Sweetie and Sweetie!


The wedding day is always a treasure trove of memories – be it a captured snapshot, a memorable video footage, or a well-remembered feeling. There is always something to remind us of that day. And for quite some time now, it is also fast becoming a day to collect heirlooms. Marcus and Mhelai surely have some important items to pass onto their future generations, foremost of which were their gifts to each other on their wedding day. When that day comes, it would definitely be a blast to recount what happened on their wedding day. Certainly, that would feel like the 25th of October2 014 all over again.

Congratulations, Marcus and Mhelai! Cheers to a beautiful forever!

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