Dinky and Dean

The Wedding of Dinky and Dean

January 4, 2008

Chapel on the Hill

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  1. LuvhandleR Says:


  2. kumukutikutitap Says:

    The goofy couple in this vid are my friends. You did an awesome job of making this all look serious, though!! And it made me cry. lol!

  3. Len741 Says:

    nice video.
    very professional. it makes you want to get married over and over again

  4. AnnexF Says:

    Nice Job!

  5. johnmcd555 Says:

    Wow. Beautiful. C’mon. Speech!! SPEECH!!

  6. Sionnach1601 Says:

    Absolutely… INCREDIBLE… just mind blowingly incredible… I’m speechless… So much work gone into it.
    I, like others commenting here, am a professional video producer from Ireland, and I bow to the sublime delicacy and artistry employed here. So inspiring… Really sets the bar very high for the rest of us…
    I just HOPE you are being paid handsomely for your skill, you give so much of yourself in your work.
    So much respect to you…

  7. osvaldodark Says:

    you are the best of the best of the best of the best. i love your video this is my favorite, congratulations my friend

  8. Dean Says:

    Hey Garry! up to this day, i still get goosebumps watching the video that you made for us.:) i just feel bad that i never got a copy of it. I just watch it in you tube. Baka you can give me one? 🙂 Please let me know where i can reach you. Thanks!

    Dean Gutierrez

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