Chris & Shirley

January 3, 2009
Fernbrook Gardens
Photography: Paul Vincent, Smart Shot Studio
Coordinator: Fridays@Seattle Celebration Specialists
Designer: Veejay Floresca

2009, a fresh start. Most of us desired the best of 2008, yes, my team and i achieved that great deal. Our love for our work paved, because this beginning of 2009 we are working with 3 videos. Our passion for work gained the trust of couple Chris and Shirley.

This was pretty challenging for our team because the 1st is the AVP which was done a day before the wedding. Since the couple was so busy preparing, it never was a hindrance for my team, rush as it is, but the applause says that it is not. Another remarkable is that the prenuptial video. Concept was created with the idea of the groom, Chris.
His inspiration was the teams spirit that works.

And lastly, the SDE, where the plaudit from the crowd warmths my heart and so as the couple. My grace to the couple for the trust.

Enjoy watching!!!

Their same day edit . . .

Prenuptial Video . . .

Photo Montage AVP . . .

3 Responses

  1. Sheryl Vicente Says:

    Hello!We love their videos.. and its a fact we had a great time working with you guys!

    Cris and Shirley’s wedding coordinator


  2. shirley Says:

    Hi Garry and the rest of your team,
    We’re extremely grateful for the outcome of the 3 videos you did for us. It encapsulated everything that we envisioned them to be. Kudos to you and your team for the dedication and passion you have for your craft. We may be one – if not the most – demanding and OC client that you ever have but you surpassed all our expectations. We are particularly thankful to you for giving in to all our requests especially on the prenup video. Posing in front of the camera, much more shooting a video was something that we’re reluctant to do, but you made it a whole lot of fun.
    Special thanks to Gerard for being so generous and accomodating to all our last-minute wishes.
    More power to your team and here’s wishing that you’ll continue to outdo your work with each new client ’til you achieve the recognition that your team so truly deserved. ‘Hope to work with you again soon!
    – Chris and Shirley

  3. garry Says:

    Hi Chris & Shirley,Welcome back! Its our great pleasure to work with you. See you soon…

    Hi Sheryl,thanks for dropping by. Sori po for the typo error.

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