Post Script “Lovely”

“I understand there maybe grief..there maybe pain,
But I am aware you blind the darkness
With who you are because..
You are so lovely, lovely
You are the center of my universe
A thousand times I look around me and I find”

You may have noticed that we used the song “Lovely” in many of our videos. For some of you who have been lurking here on our website or in my facebook, the song may have sound like an overkill..or even a promotion for the song…:) Truth is, this is really what our clients wanted – – and who wouldn’t want to give in to our customer’s demand? After all, cliché as it may sound… “The customer is always right”.

I just have to blog about the song because others might think of “me-not-having-originality” or “me-being-too-lazy-to-look-for-other-songs”. If only you knew how I tried to discourage couples from using this so I can be expected to produce originality in my videos but that would be too selfish of me to insist, isn’t it? It’s their day and their choices come first before us. I can only suggest, the rest is up to them.

As for my choice of mellow songs to’s really up to the client. In the end, what matters is “we deliver..”


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